Mental Illness: Stigma Struggle

The death of Chester Bennington has brought the debate about mental illness to the superimposed collective of discussions. People are still arguing on whether death is moral is not when we could’ve saved many drowning depressed out of their own virtual prison.

The escalating speech on suicide should be free of judgments poured on by the laymen of day to day sophistication. Speaking of laymen, who brought the underestimation of mental health, rendered those who are suffering from the bouquet of mental illnesses helpless. To be at a point you can verbalize your mental weaknesses isn’t easy, especially in the presence of a system that devalues the human psyche and isolates the consequences of such a pathology from the illness itself.

Where people can’t afford a psychiatric visit, soul-bound healing sessions on the long run and pricey chemicals to set them stable. Not to mention the hectic procedure someone would go through if got access.

The reverend stigmatizing day-to-day complements leaves no choice but not to speak up for ourselves and our weaknesses. Not to mention the locks they put on our psyche categorizing our pains with their doctrinal tags.

The struggle of mental illness is not the result of disbelief or a blame, it is rather an inner battle that could threaten your wholeness and cede you with no choices. How then would you expect this to end?

Mental illness is serious; shouldn’t be hidden under doormats. Rest in Power #ChesterBennington. You were the catalyst that transcribed the whole complement of memorandum in the minds of everyone.


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