Being claustrophobic in public transportation.

First, I should point out that we don’t really have public transportation; private buses owned by mafias. But being used by any other monotonous individual like me, it’s termed public transportation.

The girl doesn’t stop crying, her mother seems very chained to that conversation she’s making. She can’t get her eyes outta the screen of that loud annoying smartphone. A bunch of macho men got in. Those people are the most disturbing. They think they can sit with crotch opened, bothering everyone beisde them. I don’t really know what’s the link between opened crotches and a man’s attitude. And if by any chance you point out that it’s annoying for you, they might feel very comfortable and sometimes very agressive. 

The girl stopped crying finally. She’s playing with the blondie woman sitting behind her. 

The macho man lighted up a cigarette. He doesn’t really care if it bothers anyone. He thinks he has the right to smoke. He’s taking 2 placess, the bus is full, but he’s still taking 2 places. 

I don’t really know how people can get to know each others in the bus. They keep shouting some pathetic jokes and laughing at themselves. I’m breathing slowly, i feel the oxygen is not really enough. 

Can they stop talking? Can i disappear under the seat until i arrive? 

The girl and her mother got off the bus. Finally less noise. 

The man keeps smoking…


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